Common HR Interview Questions, Answers 2021, 2022 – Freshers Guide

Common HR Interview Questions, Answers: Get 25+ most common, important questions, answer for HR job interview in 2021, 2022

You’ve nearly made it! After an violent couple of months, transferring your CV to different companies that you hope to work for, eventually, you ’ve entered a call back that your resumé has been named and you ’ve been invited for an interview with HR. Then are the top interview questions for freshers.

Though this is big news and you must celebrate it, still, you mustn’t let the party go on for long. The most delicate part is yet to come. The company has only liked your performance on paper, but now the members of the company want to meet you and see for themselves if you’re as good as your CV says and farther judge if your personality is a good fit for the company.

Common HR Interview Questions, Answers 2021, 2022

HR interview is most difficult to crack some times, but with this guide you can easily clear the HR interview in 2021 or 2022. In this article we have shared 25+ most important He interview questions with answers for fresher to clear any interview in India.

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Q1. How are you moment?

The answer to this question principally sets the terrain for your interview. Make sure you make it positive for yourself with a affable smile on your face. In case you ’ve had any nuisances during the day, you could mention it only if you can bring out a positive note out of it, or differently don’t mention it.

Your Answer: Great, thank you, Though it has been a long day, I plant everything to be instigative and well organized.

Q2. Tell me about yourself?

This question is the most common HR interview question. Focus on answering it with confidence and positivity because the canvasser doesn’t know you and would judge you according to what you declare about yourself. The order in which you need to answer this question will be as follows,

1st: My name is X, born and brought up in Y, completed my scale from XYZ university

2nd: My parents are x and I ’m the elder/ youngish among X siblings ( Try to include your strengths then. For case, if you’re the elder one, you can talk about your rates similar as operation, leadership, decision timber, etc. In case you the youngish one, you can mention about the wisdom you have gained from your elder siblings and how you delegate liabilities given to you)

3rd: (Relate your strengths to your achievements) Because of this, I’ve achieved X in fields similar as Y, Z,etc.

NOTE: Don’t talk negatively about yourself and don’t drag it too much. Make sure you don’t sound foolhardy or arrogant as well.

Demo Answer:

My name is Adam, born and brought at Bangalore. I’ve done my training from XYZ academy and completed my scale from XYZ University. My father is working as X and my mama is a partner (or working as Y). Being the elder of 3 siblings, I’ve learnt how to set an illustration and lead my youngish counterparts whenever demanded. This has also been a reason for inciting leadership and confidence in me thereby favoring my achievements in disciplines similar as debate, systems,etc.

Q3. What are your crucial strengths?

This is a veritably important hr interview question for every fresher. Every canvasser wants to hear rates from you that suit the part you’re being hired for. Make sure you emphasize all your rates and chops that give you an edge over the others to being hired for that particular part. Remember not to mention anything that you do n’t actually retain as it’ll come disastrous in case you’re unfit to prove your claim. It more not to actually list out your rates, but put it more in a connected manner which will also justify your claims with reasons.

Demo Answer:

One of the rates that describe me is my positive station. It actually helps me to keep myself motivated indeed in the most grueling situations. I also get along relatively well with people and pick up new ideas snappily leading to hassle-free cooperation. In our design platoon, I had tasks of XYZ which I was suitable to complete relatively well due to proficiency in XYZ ( skill).

Still, in the below many lines, I’ve intermingled rates similar as positivity, If you can notice. I’ve given a general illustration, but the answer this question also should include your strengths grounded on the job part you’re being hired for.

For case, if it’s a specialized part, mention your specialized the achievements that you have gained because of that particular skill.

Q4. What are your sins?

This question is principally tocross-verify you. It would actually be suicidal in case youcounter-claim your strengths then, or, declare any weakness that’s a vital part of the part you’re being hired for. Still, you can not stay quiet or declare that you have no sins. The stylish route you can take is to put forth a weakness not related to the job as well as give information as to what you’re doing to come over it.

Demo Answer:

I tend to eat a lot of sweet indeed though I know it isn’t veritably good for health.

Q5. What are your topmost achievements?

The canvasser principally wants to know what you’re able of. Start by mentioning the achievements that are the most recent and closest to the job part applied for.

Demo Answer:

I’ve achieved quite a many pretensions until now. To begin with, I shared in the public position X competition and was among the last Y actors. The design that I was a member of was named among the stylish in our council. Not just this, I’ve been an active party in numerous other competitions similar as XYZ, and have won numerous awards in the same.

Important HR Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers

Following are most generally asked her interview questions during an interview round for freshers as well as educated job seeking campaigners. This HR round interview questions companion will help you crack the interview and help you get your dream job.

Q6. What’s your biggest failure?

Don’t contradict any of your former claims while answering this question. Try to answer it in a manner that would show your determination not to fail and also mention the area of enhancement

Demo Answer:

I love doing X job and always wanted to secure the first place in Y competition held formerly in 4 times forX. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it through to the tests. Still, I’ve been rehearsing and trying to ameliorate myself and would not leave any gravestone unturned to win in the forthcoming season.

Q7. What are your pursuits?

Arrange your pursuits in a manner that gives first precedence to the hobbyhorse that’s closest to the job being applied for.

Demo Answer:

I love exploring and writing about the rearmost technology and have published quite a many papers. You can pierce my work from XYZ link. Other than that, I also love playing XYZ.

Q8. Are you good at time- operation?

Try to put in some answers that’s evidence to the answer to this question.

Demo Answer:

I ’m actually a veritably visionary person and make sure to complete my tasks in the quested time. I tend to list out my tasks in agreement with precedence and complete them consequently. The XYZ competition I had shared in actually coincided with our semester examinations. I had planned out my work in such a way that I could complete both my tasks. I surfaced as the crusher in my semester examinations as well and finished among final X members in the Y competition.

Q9. Do you suppose you’re an systematized person?

Demo Answer:

I consider myself quite an systematized person because I always make a list of tasks I’ve to negotiate. I tend to complete each of them in agreement with precedence and make sure nothing is amiss in my todo list.

Q10. Are you aiming for farther studies?

This question is asked tocross-check your commitment to the company and the job. Don’t get carried down and answer it saying yes you want to. You need to give confidence to the canvasser that you won’t leave the company for any farther plans.

Demo Answer:

Having a PG is great but for me, I consider having assiduity exposure for better involvement in the X sphere. The assiduity surely provides better openings to grow and I look forward to the same.

HR Interview Questions Guide 2021, 2022

If you prepare for an Interview, here we listed some most important HR Interview questions with answer. With this question you must be clear your hr Interview easily.

Q11. What’s your topmost fear?

This is another question that puts a check on your confidence and is a part of a stress interview. It’s veritably important to give a politic answer confidently. Don’t give any reason for the canvasser to mistrustfulness your capabilities.

Demo Answer:

I always have the end of completing my tasks on time. In areas that are new to me, I tend to get anxious and bother a little too important about completing it. This generally makes me work in my free time as well. Being a fast learner, I know that I can come over this anxiety as I gain experience.

Q12. What are yourco-workers’reviews about you?

Demo Answer:

I’ve been an active member of my platoon. Myco-workers would noway vacillate to delegate liabilities to me in their absence. Indeed my inferiors noway dithered to take help from me as I would noway deny helping them. Thus, I ’m sure my associates would give a positive response when asked about me.

Q13. What’s the difference between a platoon and a group?

Answer: A group principally comprises of members of colorful chops and interests. A platoon is further of people having analogous chops and a common ideal that they’re riveted at achieving.

Q14. What’s your ideal association?

Don’t name any association that’s a contender to the company where you’re attending the interview. It’s better not to mention the name of any association. Your answer should be more with regard to the job you’re looking for.

Demo Answer:

I suppose the stylish plant or association is one that provides equal occasion for everyone to present and prove themselves and assigns places and liabilities as described that would justify the qualifications of the hand.

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Q15. What’s the most delicate task you have ever achieved?

Demo Answer:

Last month we had an artificial visit from our council. They had arranged a surprise competition for us wherein we had to remedy a piece of law. I shared in it and was among the veritably many members to have made it through. I was also awarded a instrument for the same.

Q16. What’s the difference between hard work and smart work?

Hard work principally involves a lot of sweats to attain some thing. Smart work, on the other hand, would take lower trouble to achieve the same task. But, both of these go hand in hand as numerous areas which are new surely bear hard work and areas which are tried and tested can be handled dashingly.

Q17. What’s it that makes you angry?

Please make a note not to raise your tone when you defy such a question. Keep calm and answer authentically.

Demo Answer:

I generally tend to get angry when notoriety tries to charge me of commodity I haven’t done. But I try to keep myself calm and speak only if demanded.

Q18. What makes you happy?

Demo Answer:

The biggest satisfaction comes from hard work. Though you have to face numerous failures, when you see the asked results and you know that you have done it without any help, it gives you the happiness that can not be replaced by anything differently.

Q19. What are your unborn pretensions?

Demo Answer:

My first end is to join an association like yours and ameliorate my chops and knowledge thereby serving as a crucial asset in return. On a progressive note, I would like to come the XYZ in this sphere and make sure that I keep this company at the topmost in this sector.

Q20.However, would you still work for the company? – as example (You win a hugelottery)

Demo Answer:

Winning a huge lottery surely makes one happy. But for me, it doesn’t give satisfaction. It doesn’t justify my qualification to stay back and while down my time just because I’ve won some quantum of plutocrat. For me, the satisfaction that comes by achieving pretensions can noway be attained by any lottery.

Q20. How long will you work for us?

Demo Answer:

I ’m not someone who constantly jumps options. Thus, I look forward to serving this company for a long period. Still, it has been my dream association and the job as well offers all that I was looking for.

Q21. Do you have a partner/ family member/ friend who works for us?

Be veritably careful while answering this question. You can keep the following points in mind while answering this question

  • The association where you’re attending the interview ( incipiency/ MNC)
  • The source of your interview (Either referral or not)
  • The position where your known person acquires


When you’re attending an interview at an MNC make sure to play veritably safe. The first thing is if you’re appertained, you’ll have to mention the name of the person who you know but in case you have come through some other source, it’s better not to give the names of any hand.

Still, if you know someone who has a great impact on the company and has been there for quite a long period, you could still give their reference. On the other hand, when you’re attending an interview at a incipiency, you can mention it.

This is because incipiency companies tend to look for campaigners from hand referral as it requires lower investments. Also, they would be sure that the new seeker will have someone to guide them.

Q22. Why should we hire you?

A veritably common HR Interview question that relates to the job you’re applying for. It can be answered by riveting on your chops and experience.

Demo Answer:

I consider myself suitable for this job because I’ve been able of doing X job in the Y sphere and have also surfaced among the winners. I also retain XYZ chops that are needed for this job. Not just that, I ’m a person who always keeps myself streamlined with the rearmost in this sphere and try to achieve new mileposts.

Q23. What motivates you for this job?

Demo Answer:

I’ve always had a passion in the X sphere. I’ve also tried sharing in events that involveX. Indeed though my family wanted me to do Y, I chose this and I know I’ll do well with this in my future. Either, indeed the request for this is at its peak in this period thereby adding my particular interest.

Q24. What do you know about this company?

This is one of the most likely questions any seeker faces. So make sure you read about the company where you’re attending the interview.

Demo Answer:

XYZ is one of the world’s stylish companies when it comes to technology. The products of this company are considered as the stylish worldwide. I’ve also been following this company on social media and was pleased to know that this company has now surfaced as one of the stylish workplaces due to its hand satisfaction.

Q25. Why should you be hired for this externship?

Demo Answer:

It’s my particular interest to make my future in this sphere. For the same reason, I’ve chosen my design also in this area. I know that I’ll surely do well in this because I’ve been successful in doing it preliminarily as well.

Q26. Can I trust you in completing your duties to the company?

Make sure you win the canvassers confidence while answering this question. Relate it with some illustration from your achievements.

Demo Answer:

Yes, surely. At council, I’ve been the captain for the X platoon. I was given the responsibility to manage as well as companion my teammates which I was suitable to do without important hassle.

Interview Basic Tips to Get That Job

Making a great print and demonstrating your stylish rates during an interview increases your chances of getting a job offer. By preparing for the interview and following certain way subsequently, you can impress the hiring platoon and make them remember you.

Helpful Tips for Attend Any Interviews

Here we have shared some basic tips that can help you to make preparation before the interview.

  • Learn about your canvassers and the company
  • Use the company’s product
  • Ask for the interview format
  • Prepare your answers for generally asked interview questions
  • Read the job description further than doubly
  • Answer questions using the STAR system
  • Ask for help to exercise your answers
  • Prepare a reference list
  • Come prepared with your work exemplifications
  • Have smart questions for the canvassers

Tips to follow during the interview.

After preparing for the interview, you can be successful by following the tips below.

  • Arrange your interview dress before Interview.
  • Bring your capsule clones, a pen and a tablet.
  • Make your schedule to arrive 10 to 15 twinkles early.
  • Leave a positive first print.
  • Respect everyone you meet.
  • Be confident.
  • Be positive and authentic.
  • Be veracious in your answers.
  • Relate your answers to your accomplishments.
  • Be Terse and focused in your answers.
  • Speak appreciatively about your former employers.

How to Attend a Interview? – Freshers Guide

Here we have shared, some basic guide that you must be follow on your interview. It’s really help you to crack that Interview. Follow the guide that we mentioned below.

Be confident

Look confident and accessible the moment you enter the demesne. Sit or stand upright. Figure tone- confidence and release anxiety and stress by taking deep, slow breaths. When the canvasser offers a handshake, stand upright, look at the person confidently and smile. Be firm in your handshake.

Be positive and authentic

Being authentic during interview exchanges helps employers relate to you. A smile and positive body language can help you feel relaxed when speaking with canvassers.

Be Veracious in your Answers

It can be tempting to overdo your accomplishments and chops, still, canvassers prefer and respect honesty. Stay focused on your major strengths and explain how your background qualifies you for the position.

What’s your Dress Code During the Interview?

What to Wear for for a Formal or Casual Interview?

You know that it’s important to make a good first print at a job interview and that your choice of interview vesture is a big part of that. But dressing for job interviews is a lot more complicated than it used to be.

For illustration, let’s say you ’re going to an interview at a company where no bone ever wears a suit — not indeed the CEO. Should you still dress formally for the occasion, or will you look out of place? And if you do decide to go for a further casual look.

How can you make sure that you still appear professional and regardful?

  • When in Mistrustfulness, Dress Up a Little
  • Dress canons vary.

For demo, a tech start-up in Silicon Valley might glare on someone who dresses too formally, while a Fortune 50 company on Madison Avenue might glare on someone who dresses too casually. It’s important to get a sense of the commercial culture before you head into the interview, to make sure that your vesture is applicable.

Different diligence have different prospects of how campaigners and workers should dress. The applicable dress law can vary greatly depending on the company, assiduity, and position.

Still, anyhow of what everyone differently at the company is wearing, it’s essential to take particular care with your appearance during a job interview. The seeker dressed in a suit and tie, or dress and heels, will generally make a much better print than the seeker dressed in jeans and lurkers.

Men’s Interview Dress Code for Man

Then are a many guidelines for men who are canvassing in commercial placesSuit in a solid color similar as cortege, black, or dark.

  • Long-sleeved shirt that’s white or color coordinated with the suit
  • Leather belt
  • Tie
  • Dark socks and conservative leather shoes
  • Little or no jewelry
  • Neat, professional haircut

Most Common HR Interview Questions and Answer PDF Download

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In this article, we have shared some Important and Common HR Interview Questions with Answers for 2021, 2022 with a complete guide. Hope this question can help you to clear the interview. If you have any queries, You can raise a comment below.

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