Most Important and Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers

General knowledge is an important part of everyone’s life. It is expected of everyone to have some sort of general knowledge. The day-to-day affairs in the world make it important for everyone to be aware of the happenings around them. There are many tests conducted in schools or in offices where general knowledge plays an important role. Here is a list of easy general knowledge questions and answers.

There are many students who prepare for competitive exams through general knowledge and they keep on referring to General Knowledge books, newspapers, magazines, and online resources. We have compiled a list of the most important and easy general knowledge questions and answers.

General Knowledge will help you keep yourself updated and it also helps to develop your analytical skills. This article is created to help students who are preparing for competitive exams or aptitude tests and students who are preparing for the easy general knowledge section.

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    General Knowledge Certification is one of the most common examinations in the world. Everywhere it is a very important examination for people who want to work in the Government Sector, Civil Services, and Banking Sector. Here we listed a list of easy general knowledge.

    Following Most Important and Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers

    General knowledge questions can be found in every competitive exam and hence, are important to know. They are usually found in the Formal Exam or Mains Exam. Some people may find them easy to answer, while some might find them difficult to answer. Here are the most important and easy general knowledge questions and the answers to them.

    Easy General Knowledge

    General knowledge questions are the most important questions that are asked in every competitive exam. These questions help clarify the candidate’s educational background. It is an important part of education for every student. Here, we have compiled a list of easy general knowledge questions and answers.

    Most Important General Knowledge Questions

    Q1. The first foreigner to invite India was?

    Answer: Prasenajit

    Q2. Which language was used in the literature of the Sangam period?

    Answer: Tamil

    Q3. Lord Buddha was born in?

    Answer: Lumbini

    Q4. Buddhist historian Taranath belonged to?

    Answer: Tibet

    Q5. Which is considered the Magna Carta of the Indian people?

    Answer: Queen Victoria’s Proclamation

    Q6. What newspaper was started by Annie Besant?

    Answer: New India

    Q7. Who was the real founder of the Aligarh Muslim University?

    Answer: Syed Ahmad Khan

    Q8. Who was the alter ego of Tipu Sultan during the Treaty of Seringapatam?

    Answer: Lord Dalhousie

    Q9. Who was the first Indian to crack the British Indian Civil Services Examination for the first time in Indian History?

    Answer: Satyendranath Tagore

    Q10. Who was the Viceroy when the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre took place?

    Answer: Chelmsford

    Q11. Which is the capital of India?

    Answer: New Delhi

    Q12. Which is also called the Southernmost Himalayas.

    Answer: Siwaliks

    Q13. What is another name for Sahyadris?

    Answer: The Western Ghats

    Q14. Where does Palk Strait Lie?

    Answer: India and Sri Lanka

    Q15. Which is the popular name for the Indian islands on the Arabian Sea?

    Answer: Lakshadweep Islands

    Q6. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

    Answer: Aravali Mountains

    Q17. What is the landmass which is surrounded by water on three sides known?

    Answer: Peninsula

    Q18. What is a naturally formed, narrow, waterway connecting two large water bodies known as?

    Answer: Strait

    Q19. What does ‘Archipelago’ mean?

    Answer: A group of islands

    Q20. What is the name of the pass between Kailash and Manasarovar?

    Answer: Mana Pass

    Q21. Who is known as the Father of the Nation?

    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

    Q22. Which is the highest dam in India?

    Answer: Tehri Dam

    Q23. Which is the longest dam in India?

    Answer: Hirakud Dam

    Q24. Which is the oldest dam in India?

    Answer: Kallanai Dam

    Q25. Which is the national tree of India?

    Answer: Banyan tree

    Q26. Which is the national bird of India?

    Answer: Peacock

     Q27. Which is the smallest state in India?

    Answer: Goa

    Q28. How many cricket world cups has India won?

    Answer: Two world cups

    Q29. Which is the national animal of India?

    Answer: Tiger

    Q30. Who wrote the national anthem of India?

    Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

    Easy General Knowledge Questions

    1. Which animal is known as the ‘Ship of the Desert”?

    Ans. Camel

    2. How many days are there in a week?

    Ans. 7 days

    3. How many hours are there in a day?

    Ans. 24 hours

    4. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

    Ans. 26 letters

    5. Rainbow consist of how many colors?

    Ans. 7 colors

    6. How many days are there in a year?

    Ans. 365 days (not a leap year)

    7. How many minutes are there in an hour?

    Ans. 60 minutes

    8. How many seconds are there in a minute?

    Ans. 60 seconds

    9. How many seconds make one hour?

    Ans. 3600 seconds

    10. Baby frog is known as…….

    Ans. Tadpole

     11. Name the densest jungle in the world?
    Ans. The Amazon rainforest

    12. Which festival is called the festival of colors?
    Ans. Holi

    13. What is the Isosceles triangle?
    Ans.  A triangle in which two sides have the same length or two sides are equal.

    14. What type of gas is absorbed by plants?
    Ans. Carbon Dioxide

    15. How many days a February month has in the leap year?
    Ans. 29 days

    16. Name the longest river on the Earth?
    Ans. Nile

    17. Name the smallest continent?
    Ans. Australia

    18. Which is the principal source of energy for the Earth?
    Ans Sun

    19. Anti-clockwise is it from left or right?
    Ans. Left

    20. Name the planet nearest to the Earth?
    Ans. Mercury

    21. What does the cow gives us?
     Ans. Milk
    22. Which is the largest bone in the human body?
     Ans. Femur
    23. Which type of plant is a money plant?
     Ans. Climbers

     24. What is the name of the shortest bone in the human body?
     Ans. Stapes
    25. How many layers are there in the atmosphere?
     Ans. 5
    26. Who is the Father of Medicine?
     Ans. Acharya Charak

    27. How many millimeters are there in a centimeter?
    Ans. 10mm

    28. Name the hardest substance available on Earth?
    Ans. Diamond

    29. Name a shape that has ten sides?
    Ans. Decagon

    30. Name the largest ocean in the World?
    Ans. Pacific Ocean

    General Knowledge Questions and Answers

    1. Sun is a?
    Answer: Star

    2. Which planet is nearest to Earth?
    Answer: Venus

    3. We get solar energy from?
    Answer: Sun

    4. What islands are a part of the country of India?
    Answer: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands belong to India.

    5. Where does a dog live?
    Answer: Kennel

    6. Which animal is called the ship of the desert?
    Answer: Camel

    7. Goitre is caused due to the deficiency of?
    Answer: Iodine

    8. How many players are there in a cricket team?
    Answer: 11

    9. Largest island in the world is?
    Answer: Green Land

    10. Young one of cat is called?
    Answer: Kitten

    11. Olympics games are held after every?
    Answer: 4 years

    12. How many sides are there in a pentagon?
    Answer: 5

    13. What is King Arthur’s sword called?
    Answer: King Arthur’s sword was called Excalibur.

    14. A place where bees are kept is called?
    Answer: Aviary

    15. Which is the biggest sea animal?
    Answer: Dolphin

    16. Who is the founder of Microsoft?
    Answer: Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.

    17. Who discovered Penicillin?
    Answer: Alexander Flemming

    18. Who was popularly known as Netaji?
    Answer: Subhash Chandra Bose

    19. Which country does the company Sony come from?
    Answer: Sony comes from the nation of Japan.

    20. Scientific study of birds is called?
    Answer: Ornithology

    Helpful General Knowledge

    1. Who is the author of the book – Broken Wing?
    Answer: Sarojini Naidu

    2. Largest desert in the world is?
    Answer: Sahara desert

    3. In which direction does the sun rise?
    Answer: The sun rises from the east.

    4. Kuchipudi is the dance form of which state?
    Answer: Andhra Pradesh

    5. Which water body is to the south of West Bengal?

    Answer: Bay of Bengal

    6. Where did the Portuguese have a factory in West Bengal?

    Answer: Hooghly

    7. When did the French vacate Chandernagore?

    Answer: 1949

    8. Who was West Bengal’s chief minister in 1980?

    Answer: Jyoti Basu

    9. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is located at?

    Answer: Kolkata

    10. When did West Bengal become a state?

    Answer: 26 Jan 1950

    11. Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary is located at?

    Answer: West Bengal

    12. Total Number of Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal?

    Answer: 41

    13. Who was the first person from West Bengal to win Bharat Ratna Award?

    Answer: Bidhan Chandra Roy

    14.  On which river is the Kangsabati Kumari Dam built?

    Answer: Kasi

    15. Which of the following rivers is Once known as “Sorrow of Bengal”?

    Answer: Damodar

    16. Which coalition came to power in West Bengal in 1977?

    Answer: Left Front

    17. Calcutta High Court is the oldest High Court in India. Was it established in the year?

    Answer: 1862

    18. In the Indian state of West Bengal, the word ‘Patishapta’ defines what?

    Answer: A Bengali sweet dish

    19. The Battle of Plassey was fought in the year

    Answer: 1757

    20. Which is the West Bengal state Tree?

    Answer: Alstonia

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