200 + GK Questions for Class 12 Students – updated list

200 + Important GK Questions for Class 12 Students with Answers here is listed most important genaeal questions for class 12 for more knowledge

General knowledge is an important aspect of scholars’ life, and it’s an important foundation for the intellectual structure for scholars from Class 12. General knowledge helps scholars from Class 12 to grow both on the particular and academic position.

Class 12 Scholars always use to rote effects and it’s really important to make them learn rather of pattern. It’s important to take some twist in their studies by introducing general knowledge quizzes at both the home and academy.

So, let’s check the details about this GK questions for class 12 For all latest karmashiksha related updates, stay tuned with us.

About GK Questions for Class 12

About GK Questions for Class 12

General Knowledge is important for enhancing our sense of perceiving the world, for better understanding, and analysis of the situation cannot be possible without proper knowledge. These GK questions for class 12 will help the Class 12 students not only in updating their knowledge but also in the future as well when they will be going to take admissions in colleges.

These GK questions will help the students in cracking entrance tests in colleges and universities.Our experts have compiled a list of all the important general knowledge questions for Class 12 students. These questions will help the students to know and understand about all the important historical as well as current affairs of the world.

While solving these questions, the students will be more curious to know about these topics and this will help them to widen their scope of knowledge. Below is the list of some of the most important GK questions for Class 12.

200 + General Knowledge quistions for class 12

here is Important GK Questions for Class 12 Students with Answers so you can Check all important GK Questions for class 12 get more to below.

Question: Who first proposed the atomic theory of matter?
Ans. John Dalton
Question: The common name for potassium carbonate is?
Ans. Potash
Question: The Ramon Magsaysay Award is given in memory of the former president of which country?
Ans. Philippines
Question: Nickel was discovered by?
Ans. Cronstledt
Question: The book titled “1283” illustrates the career of which Football legend?
Ans. Pele
Question: The response of a plant to touch is called?
Ans. Trigmotropism
Question: What does ”Global Dimming” mean?
Ans. Gradual reduction in the amount of global direct irradiance at the Earth’s Surface.
Question: The scientific name for blood platelets is?
Ans. Thrombocytes
Question: Who led the revolt of 1857 from Gwalior?
Ans. Tantia Tope
Question: The law of segregaton was propounded by?
Ans. Mendel
Question: Harauti Language is spoken in which Indian State?
Ans. Rajasthan
Question: A compound which contains only hydrogen and Carbon is called a?
Ans. Hydrocarbon
Question: The scientist who is considered as the father of genetics?
Ans. Gregor Johann Mendel
Question: The electro-cardiograph was invented by?
Ans. William Einthoven
Question: The response of a plant to heat is called?
Ans. Thermotropism
Question: Lavani is a dance form of which state?
Ans. Maharashtra
Question: The liquid used to preserve specimens of plans and animals is?
Ans. Formalin
Question: Who has written the famous handbook ‘Arthashastra’?
Ans. Kautilya
Question: The first American to orbit earth was?
Ans. John H.Glen
Question: Which committee recommended for the constitutional position to be provided to the Panchayati Raj?
Ans. LM Singhvi Committee
Question: The symbol Zr stands for?
Ans. Zirconium
Question: Which Command is the first and the only Tri-service theatre command of the Indian Armed Forces based in Port Blair?
Ans. Andaman and Nicobar Command
Question: The molecular formula of cane sugar is?
Ans. C12H22O11
Question: What is the Russian Name for INS Vikramaditya?
Ans. Admiral Groshkov
Question: The three states of matter are?
Ans. Solid,liquid and gas
Question: Who has written the Man Booker Prize winner book White Tiger?
Ans. Aravind Adiga
Question: Botany is the study of?
Ans. Plant life
Question: Which day is celebrated as International Labour Day?
Ans. May 1
Question: Extinct shield volcano ‘Mount Elgon’ is located at where on the Earth?
Ans. Border of Uganda and Kenya.
Question: Landlocked country ‘Malawi’ is located at where?
Ans. Southeastern Africa.
Question: Barcelona is known for its art and architecture culture. Where is this city located?
Ans. Spain.
Question: When ‘United Nations Public Service Day’ celebrated each year?
Ans. June 23.
Question: Which state produce cement in India with 1st position?
Ans. Rajasthan.
Question: Where is the ‘Chapora Fort’ in India?
Ans. At Goa.
Question: Nitish Kumar (Chief Minister of Bihar) was born on 1 March 1951 at where?
Ans. Bakhtiarpur, Bihar.
Question: National Migration Support Portal ‘ShramShakti’ launched in which country?
Ans. India.
Question: Which Englishman called the “constellation of modern India”?
Ans. Raja Rammohan Rai.
Question: Before becoming Sultan, Iltutmish was the Governor of where?
Ans. Badaun.
Question: What is the name of the helpful hormone to maintain the water balance in the human body?
Ans. ADH Hormones.
Question: Midnapore city is located in which Indian State?
Ans. West Bengal.
Question: Lapetus is the third-largest natural satellite of which Planet?
Ans. Saturn.
Question: Which year was the establishment of the Communist Party of India?
Ans. October 17, 1920.

most important gk questions for class 12

here listed about Important GK Questions for Class 12 Students with Answers so you can Check all important GK Questions for class 12 get more to below.

100 + GK Quiz Questions for Class 12th
Question: The ancient city Taxila is situated between which two rivers?
Ans. Indus and Jhelum river.
Question: On which river is the longest internal waterway in the world?
Ans. St. Lawrence (USA).
Question: Who recognizes political parties in India?
Ans. Election Commission.
Question: Who was the founder of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in 1925?
Ans. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar.
Question: ‘Galatea’ is the natural satellite (Moon) of which planet in our Solar System?
Ans. Neptune.
Question: What is the total length of ‘Yukon River’ which is major watercourse in North America?
Ans. 3,190 km.
Question: Which place in India is called the confluence of three seas?
Ans. Kanyakumari.
Question: Which magazine is called the Bible of Cricket?
Ans. Wisden.
Question: Where is the headquarter office of Asian Cricket Council?
Ans. Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Question: In which state is the highest density of the canals in India?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh.
Question: Who is first Indian scientist honored with Bharat Ratna?
Ans. CV Raman.
Question: When the Karnataka High Court was established?
Ans. 1884.
Question: Which country has given legal recognition to Euthanasia?
Ans. Netherlands.
Question: How many days did ‘Sunita William’ continue to be in space?
Ans. 127 days.
Q: Which is the oldest mountain range in India?
(a) Satpura Range
(b) Aravali Range
(c) Vindhya Range
(d) Pir Panjal Range
Ans: Aravali Range

Q: Which is the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?
(a) Panaji
(b) Dispur
(c) Silvassa
(d) None of These
Ans: Silvassa

Q: Badrianth Temple is in which state?
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Uttarakhand
(c) Himachal Pradesh
(d) Assam
ans:- Uttarakhand.

Q: How much plains area of India ?
(a) 96.3
(b) 43.3
(c) 66.3
(d) 22.9
Ans: 43.3
History general knowledge Questions answers Class 12 and Class 11
Q: The capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji Was-
(a) Shimla
(b) Dehradun
(c) Lahore
(d) Amritsar
Ans: Lahore

Q: Babar entered India for the first time through-
(a) Bihar
(b) Punjab
(c) West Bengal
(d) Assam
Ans: Punjab

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Gk Questions For Class 12 Science & Technology General Knowledge Quiz Questions

Q: The Indus Valley houses were built of ?
(d)none of these
Ans: Pondicherry

Q: The last Mughal Emperor was ?
(a)Bahadur Shah
(d)Bahadur Shah
Ans: Bahadur Shah
: What is family name of Rose
(a) Eudicots
(b) Rosaceae
(c) Rosales
(d) None of These
Ans: Rosaceae

Q: What is scientific name of tomato
(a) Tagetes erecta
(b) Catharanthus roseus
(c) Sutera cordata
(d) Solanum lycopersicum
Ans: Solanum lycopersicum

Q: What is scientific name of Ageratum
(a) Sutera cordata
(b) Catharanthus roseus
(c) Tagetes erecta
(d) Ageratum houstonianum
Ans: Ageratum houstonianum

Q: What is scientific name of Cigar Flower
(a) Cuphea ignea
(b) Solenostemon scutellaroides
(c) Achillea millefolium
(d) Zinnia elegans
Ans: Cuphea ignea

Q: What is scientific name of Field Pansy
(a) Brassica oleracea
(b) Achillea fillipenulina
(c) Viola tricolor
(d) Nicotiana x sanderae
Ans: Viola tricolor
Tripitakas are sacred books of
(a) Islamic
(b) Hindus
(c) Buddhists
(d) Jains
Ans: Buddhists

Q: The Battle of Plassey was fought in
(a) 1855
(b) 1745
(c) 1757
(d) None of these
Ans: 1757

Indian History Questions for Competitive Exams
Q: Saka Year is how many years behind the Christian Era?
(a) 88
(b) 74
(c) 32
(d) 78
Ans: 78

Q: At which of the following harappan sites, an Inkpot has been discovered
(a) Harappa
(b) Kalibangan
(c) Chanhudaro
(d) Lothal
Ans: Chanhudaro

General Knowledge Quiz On History for Competitive Exams
Q: Who among the following belonged to Sakya clan of Kshatriyas?
(a) Mahavir jain
(b) Gautam Buddha
(c) A and B
(d) None of these
Ans: Gautam Buddha

Q: Which pillar edict of Asoka is longest of all pillars?
(a) 7th
(b) 3rd
(c) 4th
(d) 2nd
Ans: 7th

Modern Indian History for Competitive Exams
Q: Which among the ancient Indian Play has referred to the defeat of Yavanas on the bank of River Sindhu in the hands of Vasumitra?
(a) Vikramorvashiyam
(b) Raghuvamsa
(c) Malvikagnimitram
(d) None of these
Ans: Malvikagnimitram

Q: Aihole Inscription is ascribed to which of the following rulers ?
(a) Chandogya
(b) Bhabru Inscription
(c) Pulkeshin II
(d) Rummindei Pillar Inscription
Ans: Pulkeshin II
Quiz: What were the crops raised by the Harappans?
Ans: Cotton

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GK Questions for Class 12 Maths are given below along with answers.

here listed about Important GK Questions for Class 12 Students with Answers so you can Check all important GK Questions for class 12 get more to below.

Quiz: Who among the following open the land between India and Europe?
Ans: Alexander

Quiz: Which Buddhist monk converted Milinda (Indo-Greek king) to Buddhism?
Ans: Nagasena

Quiz: Which rock edict informs us about Asoka’s first Dhamma Yatra to Bodhgaya and Bodhi Tree?
Ans: 8th Major Rock Edict

Quiz: How many states were divided in the northwestern India during Alexander’s invasion?
Ans: 28

Quiz: During the reign of which Kushana king, the Fourth Buddhist Council was held?
Ans: Kanishka

Quiz: Who led the 1857 Revolt in Bihar?
Ans: Kunwar Singh

Quiz: Which of the following is the correct abbreviation BC?
Ans: Before Christ

Quiz: The Viceroy who followed aggressive policy towards Afghanistan was –
Ans: Lord Lytton

Quiz: When was the Saka Era began?
Ans: From 78 AD

Quiz: At which age Gautam Buddha got Nirvana?
Ans: 35

Quiz: Who established the Servants of India Society?
Ans: Bipin Chandra Pal

Quiz: When did Hieun Tsang visited India?
Ans: Between 629-645 AD

Quiz: Which one of the following mentioned division of the Mauryan Society into seven classes?
Ans: Indica

Quiz: The Jaina saint credited with the spread of Jainism in Karnataka (south India) was:
Ans: Bhadrabahu

History Questions for Competitive Exams -2022
Quiz: Which among the following Mudra is the gesture of Buddha as depicted in his first sermon?
Ans: Dharmachakra Mudra

Quiz: Which is the first country to get independence from Britain?
Ans: United States

Quiz: Who formed the Bihar Socialist Party in 1931?
Ans: Phulan Prasad Varma

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