100+ Important GK Questions For Class 9 Students With Answer

Important Gk Questions for Class 9, 1) When did the Right to Information Act pass, 2) What was the name of the mother of Indira Gandhi Get more simple Answers.

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About Important GK Questions For Class 9 Students

Encourage your child to appear for colorful GK Questions For Class 9 quizzes as it’ll ameliorate their confidence and intelligence. In this composition, we’ve covered GK questions for class 9.

All GK questions for class 9 handed then in English only. GK Questions For Class 9 We’ve covered a wide range of motifs which is truly salutary for scholars who are 14 times old.

GK Questions for class 9

100 + Important GK Questions For Class 9 Students With Answer

here is we have shared about 100 + Important GK Questions For Class 9 Students With Answers for better Education for class 9 get more details in below.

1) You must have seen LTE written on your smartphone. What does LTE stand for?

Ans. Long Term Evolution

2) When was the first International yoga day celebrated?

Ans. 2015

3) The oldest stock exchange of Asia is positioned in India – Which is it?

Ans. Bombay Stock Exchange

4) When did the Right to Information Act pass?

Ans. 2005

5) Where was the session of Congress held in 1919?

Ans. Amritsar

6) What’s the full form of ICICI Bank?

Ans. Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India

7) Who’s the innovator of dynamite?

Ans. Alfred Nobel

8)What was the name of the mother of Indira Gandhi?

Ans. Kamala Nehru

9) What’s used in making pencils?

Ans. Graphite

10) Who was the author of the Khilji Dynasty?

Ans. Jalaluddin Khalji

11) An electric bulb is filled with which gas?

Ans. Nitrogen

12) Where is Eravikulam National Park located?

Ans. Kerala

13) What’s Petra?

Ans. One of the 7 prodigies of the world in Jordan

14) Who was Farruksiyar?

Ans. Mughal Emperor (1713 – 1719)

History – GK Questions For Class 9 Students With Answer

15) What’s the capital of the country Monaco?

Ans. Monte Carlo

16) Where is the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme?

Ans. Nairobi, Kenya
17) What should be added in 634 so that it ’ll come a perfect square root?

Ans. 95

18) From where the Nile swash originates?

Ans. Lake Victoria

19) Indian politician‘Arjun Munda’ served as Chief Minister of which Indian State?

Ans. Jharkhand.

20) Which space disquisition company shoot world’s first each-mercenary crew into the Earth route?

Ans. SpaceX

21) Home electronics company‘Xiaomi Corporation’belongs to which country?

Ans. China

22) World Migration Report released by whom?

Ans. International Organization for Migration.

23) Who has rendered the ultramodern periodic table?

Ans. Mosley

24) World’s first universal bulletproof jacket‘Shakti’ developed by whom?

Ans. Indian Army officer Anoop Mishra.

25) Question Nanjing is the megacity in which country?

Ans. China.

26) Question‘Wealth of Nations’is the book written by whom?

Ans. Adam Smith.

27) Question Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?

Ans. Vallabhbhai Patel.

28) Question Name the Indian Political leader was regarded by Gandhiji as his political Practitioner?

Ans. Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

29) Question In which Indian State a girl name Srishti Goswami, came CM of the State for one day?
Ans. Uttarakhand State on 24 January 2021.

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30) Question How the Judges of the Supreme Court can be removed from office in India?

Ans. President on request of Parliament.

31) How numerous stars are there on the flag of China?

Ans. Five

32) Question If you were doing vaccimulgence what doing?

Ans. Abusing a cow

33) Question When you celebrate the 16 time anniversary, what would you name it?
Ans. Sapphire

34) Question How to say welcome in French?

Ans. Bienvenue ( womanlike); bienvenu ( mannish)

35) Question Who penned the book‘The Story of My Trials with Truth’?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

36) Question What’s the hot wind which blows over the plains of India and Pakistan?

Ans. Loo

37) Question What’s baklava?

Ans. Lebanese cookery

38) Question What’s Gwragedd Annwn?

Ans. beautiful lake misses in Welsh tradition

39Question Russian Civil War and Foreign Intervention during which times?

Ans. 1917 – 1922

40) Question Which Mughal emperor is called Zinda Pir?

Ans. Aurangzeb

41) Question What’s Fusang?

Ans. A mysterious land to the east in Chinese legends.

42) Question Carl Gustaf Verner von Heidenstam entered the Nobel Prize in 1916 in which order?

Ans. Literature

43) Question Who was the only chairman in history to hold the job of a headsman?

Ans. Grover Cleveland

44) Question Creatures like cows and buffaloes have a special way of eating their food- named what?

Ans. Reflection, Cud

45) Question ROM stands for what?

Ans. Read- Only Memory

46) Question What’s said to have a depth of around bases, lying about a many hundred country miles to the southwest of Guam?
Ans. Mariana Trench

47) Question What’s a narrow channel of water between two land areas?

Ans. A strait

48) Question Creatures and shops bear oxygen for what reason?

Ans. Respiration

49) Question What type of rudiments actually glow in the dark?

Ans. Radioactive rudiments.

English – GK Questions For Class 9 Students With Answer

50) Question When was the battle of Buxar fought?

Ans. 1764

51) Question Niagara Falls is an transnational border between which two countries?

Ans. Canada and the USA

52) Question What’s the full form of MGNREGA?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (2005)

53) Question Who was the first Vice President of India?

Ans. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

54) Question Where do the Onge and Jarawa lines find?

Ans. Andaman Islets

55) Question Where is the Reserve Bank of India located?

Ans. Mumbai

56) Question Who’s known as the father of Economics?

Ans. Adam Smith

57) Question Mohiniattam is a folk cotillion of which state?

Ans. Kerala

58) Question Asiatic Lions are only plant in?

Ans. India

59) Question When did World War I be?

Ans. 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918

60) Question Who was the first womanish IAS officer?

AnnaR. Malhotra

61) Question Where is Tehran located?

Ans. Iran

62) Question Which is the public sport of Japan?

Ans. Sumo Wrestling

63) Question “ As you like it” is written by?

Ans. William Shakespeare

64) Question Where is the Kalahari desert positioned?

Ans. Africa

65) Question Which country’s border touches the maximum countries?

Ans. China

66) Question When was the most notoriousmid-day mess scheme launched?

Ans. 1995

67) Question What’sH.C.F.?

Ans. The topmost common factor on which two figures will be divided.

68) Question‘ Runway to a Billion Openings’is the theme of which day?

Ans. Aero India-21.

69) Question When Olympics games was started first?

Ans. 6 April 1896.

70) Question World Book Day started in 1995 by which association?

Ans. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

71) Question Honda Motor Company,Ltd. belongs to which country?

Ans. Japan.

72) Question To combat the adding desertification, which action launched by African Union?
Ans. Great Green Wall.

73) Question Indian Army Day celebrated each time on which date?

Ans. January 15.

74) Question What’s the original language of Mahabharata?

Ans. Sanskrit.

75) Question NSE (National Stock Exchange) is Stock exchange in India. Where is NSE located?

Ans. Mumbai.

76) Question‘Dandi March’ was launched by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on which date?

Ans. 12 March 1930 to 6 April 1930.

77) Question Uttar Pradesh shares borders with how numerous countries in India?

Ans. Nine countries.

78) Question Nalanda University came notorious in which period?

Ans. Post Gupta Era.

79) Question University of Oxford is located at where?

Ans. United Kingdom.

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80) Question Which road station is largest number of platforms in Indian railroads?

Ans. Howrah Junction Railway Station (23 platforms).

81) Question How numerous players are on a hockey platoon?

Ans. Six players

82) Question What does raishuu mean in the Japanese language?

Ans. coming week

83) Question How numerous balls do you need to play Quidditch?

Ans. Four balls
84) Question Martil megacity is located in which country?

Ans. Morocco

85) Question What’s Esperanto?

Ans. Spoken language

86) Question What does the Roman Emperor’s title Parthicus Maximus mean?

Ans. “ great victor in Parthia”

87) Question Which number doesn’t have a complementary?

Ans. Zero

88) Question In golf which award g is given to the golfer with the smallest scoring normal of the season?

Ans. Byron Nelson Award

89) Question Who was the Greek goddess of love?

Ans. Aphrodite

90) Question Which condiment did the Romans eat to help drunkenness?

Ans. Parsley

91) Question What’s a Domestic Geek?

Ans. Cat

92) Question Who are Harry Potter’s two stylish musketeers?

Ans. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

93) Question Mention a word with all vowels in order.

Ans. Facetious

94) Question What’s Sarasa Comet?

Ans. Goldfish

95) Question What’s a Model Pinscher?

Ans. Canine

96) Question What’s Independence Day in Kuwait??

Ans. February 25

97) Question How numerous globes are in our solar system?

Ans. Eight

98) Question An Icelandic speaks what language?

Ans. Icelandic

99) Question Which earth has the longest gyration of any earth in the Solar System?

Ans. Venus

100) Question What’s the furthest point from any land on Earth, located in the Pacific Ocean?
Ans. Point Nemo

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