50+ Amazing GK Questions with Answers For Primary Students

GK Questions with Answers is the best platform for students to learn essential knowledge about different subjects questions and answers designed.

GK Questions With Answers For Primary Students are very important from the student’s point of view. is all about giving the solution of GK Questions With Answers For Primary Students and those who are in childhood. Help students of classes 1 to 3 who are appearing for the competitive exams and are going to appear for the exams in the future.

GK is one of the most important subjects for these students. will give a lot of important questions and answers of GK which can be useful for students.

List of Questions with Answers For Primary Students

GK” means general knowledge. For example: If a person is asking about the capital of India, it is a GK question. A primary student needs to answer such questions from the year of 4th standard. In a primary student’s life, there are three main GK exams.GK Questions are a great way for children to understand the importance of general knowledge.

Questions 50+ with Answers For Primary Students

In today’s world, our children are exposed to a lot of things. Questions are a great way for our kids to learn about the world around them. We can also use them for our children to help them in their exams. This is a blog that looks at a few GK questions with answers for primary students.

GK Questions for Class 1

Here is a list of GK questions with answers in English for class 1 that will help them in the future. Parents can now rest assured that their child gets a chance to gain more awareness with these GK sample questions for class 1. They can think of these GK questions for class 1 with the answers as a warm-up activity that prepares young students for the challenges ahead. 

Question: What would you call this?

Ans: A triangle

Question: In which direction is the arrow pointing?

Ans: Downward

Question: Which figure is bigger, Figure A or Figure B? 

Ans: Figure B 

Questions: Which of these is a rectangle: Figure A or Figure B?

Ans: Figure A

Question: How many sides does an octagon have?

Ans: 8

Question: If this s a straight line, what kind of line is this: 

Ans: A slanting line

Question: What is the shape of the sun?

Ans: Sphere

Question: Rohan has some ice cream cones. If he gives some cones to his friend, he will be left with 

Ans: Fewer cones than before

Question: My mother has 3 spoons. If I give her some more spoons, she will have?

Ans: More than 3 spoons

Question: What is the given figure called?

Ans: A pentagon

Questions: Finish the sequence: 9, 18, 27, __

Ans: 36

Question: Your mom gave you 12 candies. Your brother took away 3 candies.

Ans: 14

Question: If you started doing your homework at 11 am and finished it at 1 pm, how much time did you take?

Ans: 2 hears

Question: Finish the sequence: 4, __, 12, 16

Ans: 8

Question: How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

Ans: 26

Question: Which animal is known as the ‘Ship of the Desert?’

Ans: Camel

Question: How many sides are there in a triangle?

Ans: Three

GK Questions with Answers For Primary Students

GK Questions  with Answers For Primary Students

Question: Which are the vowels in the English alphabet series?

Ans: A, E, I, O, U

Question: How many primary colors are there?

Ans: (red, yellow, blue)

Question: What do you call a house made of ice?

Ans: Igloo

Question: Which is the tallest animal on the earth?

Ans: Giraffe

Question: Which festival is called the festival of light?

Ans: Diwali

Question: What type of bird lays the largest eggs?

Ans: Ostrich

Question: In which direction does the sunrise?

Ans: East

Question: How many hours are there in a day?

Ans: 24 hours

Question: How many weeks are there in one year?

Ans: 52 Weeks

Question: What is the Color of the Leaves?

Ans: Green

Question: How many fingers are there in your hands?

Ans: Ten

Question: What is the color of sunflowers?

Ans: Yellow

Question: Which animal guards our house?

Ans: Dog

Question: How many wheels does a cycle have?

Ans: Two.

Amazing GK Questions with Answers For Primary Students

Question: What are your ears for?

Ans: Listening/hearing.

Question: We use our eyes to — see, hear, feel, eat?

Ans: See

Question: How many legs does a cow have?

Ans: 4

Question: On which date, do we celebrate independence day in India?

Ans: 15th August

Question: How many minutes does an hour have?

Ans: 60 min.

Question: Which planet is closest to the Sun?

Ans: Mercury

Question: Which is the smallest state in India?

Ans: Goa

Question: Which part of the plant is under the ground?

Ans: Roots

Question: Which gas do humans breathe to survive?

Ans: Oxygen

Question: What comes after May?

Ans: June

Question: What is the shape of the Moon?

Ans: Sphere

Question: What is 12+3?

Ans: 15

Question: Which gas do humans release?

Ans: Carbon-dioxide

Question: A goat has ——— legs?

Ans: Four

Question: Which shape is Round?

Ans: Circle

Question: How many planets revolve around the sun?

Ans: Eight.

Question: Which month of the year has the least number of days?

Ans: February

Question: Which animal is called King of Jungle?

Ans: Lion

Question: How many days are there in February in a leap year?

Ans: 29 days

Question: Which is the largest animal in the world?

Ans: Blue whale

Question: Which festival is known as the festival of colors?

Ans: Holi

Question: What is the top color in a rainbow?

Ans: Red

Question: Which festival is known as the ‘Festival of flowers’?

Ans: Onam

Question: How many zeros are there in one Thousand?

Ans: There

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