The list of top literature scholarships in the US in 2023

Suppose you are a fan of reading and writing. If you want to learn more about certain writers, explore writing styles, learn how to write better, and earn a degree in Literature, Languages or Writing in the US – this article is for you. Luckily, there are various scholarships and financial aid for international students. Be up-to-date with the application deadlines, opportunities, and requirements for scholarship programs.

literature scholarships in the US 2023
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When you enter a literature masters program, be ready to learn more about cultural history, and read and analyze memoirs into phonetics, morphemics, and morphology. If you choose to learn Slavic languages and literature, you will need to understand more about the complexities and regularities of language and pay close attention to sounds and words. Besides, to understand the literature of a particular region, you need to explore race and ethnicity, cultural politics, intellectual history, and ethnic policies. Moreover, you may learn a second language to read books, novels, and poems in the original language and compare the translated text to the original one.

The literature course will require a critical analysis of original text, analytical essays, compare, and contrast papers, and more. If you are afraid that you won’t manage the course, don’t worry! You can ask for literature essay help professional writing service. With the assistance of expert writers, you will get rid of even the most complex assignment.

This article will look through the list of scholarships you can apply for in 2023 or earlier. Most of them are aimed at international students who wish to get a degree in literature in US colleges and universities, but some of them work both for US students. Consider the fact that scholarship programs typically need confirmation that your family has a low income.

Knight-Hennessy scholars at Stanford University

The program covers MA and Ph.D. levels in various disciplines at Stanford University. The program is available for international students who want to get a US degree. The first three years will be fully funded, including travel tickets, academic and living expenses, tuition, and additional fees.

Learn more about the deadlines for these specific scholarships on the official website, as the scholarship program will vary for the chosen department. Moreover, consider that you will need to pay the application fees required by the chosen graduate program.

Stanford University has a division of literature, cultures, and languages. You can choose between various courses in available degree programs: Slavic Languages and Literature, Iberian and Latin American Cultures, and Comparative Literature.

Rotary Peace Fellowships

In February 2023, you can start applying for the fellowship programs from 2024-2025. The final deadline for application submission is 15 May. The program can be applied to the University of North Carolina. You can apply to British and American literature, Comparative and World Literature, Science, Medicine, & Literature, Social Justice & Literature. Choose the program that meets your expectations of the program. It means that you should choose the course that prospectively will positively shape public opinion towards peace. The option is available for a master’s degree only. Besides, if you are interested in fellowships other than US countries, Rotary Peace Fellowships offer variants in Japan, England, Australia, and Sweden.

The program will cover tuition fees, internship expenses, transportation, and monthly accommodation for up to 15 to 24 months. Besides, you can apply for this program even if you are not a student of the Rotary Peace Center.

The HAAA Scholarship Fund

To participate in this scholarship program, you need to be a resident or national in one of the Arab countries. This fund is based at Harvard University. If you have a financial need, you can apply to the University for a full-time degree program of your choice. It will be a plus to your application if you already have a degree in an Arab country. Also, according to general Harvard requirements, you need to provide information about the parent’s financial situation.

Harvard University offers a wide variety of courses for students who want to learn about literature: Literature and Culture Courses, Department of Comparative Literature, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature, and more.

Susquehanna University Scholarships

The University offers a wide range of financial support programs for all students, including international. Some are based only on academic performance and potential, without regard to family income.

International students can get up to $45,000. It’s a partial scholarship that doesn’t cover all expenses. You can address NAFSA if you need full support for your undergraduate study in the US.

Besides, you can apply for the Janet Weis Writers’ Scholarship for creative writing. Create an impressive five-ten page creative writing piece and submit it by 15 February. It’s available for the first-year major in creative writing and is renewable.

Consider that scholarships are reviewed annually, as the University expects students to meet high GPA requirements.

Scholarships at the University of Minnesota

The program covers two years of education in the following literature programs for master’s degrees: Creative writing, Comparative literature, Asian and Middle East Studies, and more.

The official website of the University of Minnesota states that the scholarship program 2023-2024 covers $60,356. It includes tuition fees, health and travel insurance, living expenses, and additional educational costs. Explore more information on the official website of the University.

Сolumbia College Scholarship

This college is considered one of the best places to study literature and writing in the US. Luckily, both US and international students can get a scholarship that covers full or partial tuition fees and educational expenses. The better your GPA, the better your overall score will be awarded the scholarship.

Moreover, Columbia University is the best supported with financial aid among the US universities. You can choose between various programs and courses. For example, think about attending Women in Art, Literature, and Music, Latin American Art, Literature, and music, and others.

Wrapping Up

If you are striving to get a degree in literature and writing, you have a great variety of scholarships. Universities, organizations, and funds can sponsor scholarship programs. Firstly, make a list of the most desirable universities and colleges you wish to attend, and only then start seeking scholarships and financial aid. We wish you to get into your dream college with ease. Good luck!

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