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General Awareness Questions with Answers for Any Exams


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S E P T E M B E R,  2022

In which city was 102nd Indian Science Congress held in 2015?

Ans: New Delhi

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In which city was the 18th SAARC summit held in 2014?

Ans: Islamabad

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In which country was the 6th BRICS Summit held in 2014?

Ans:  India

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India’s first-ever national police museum will be established in which city?

Ans:   Delhi

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Which country will host the 45th G7 summit in 2019?

Ans:   France

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Which country’s women's cricket team has clinched the Asia Cup Twenty-20 tournament in 2018?

Ans:  Bangladesh

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What country is at the top in robotics?

Ans:  Japan

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Wankhede Stadium is located in?

Ans:  Mumbai

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 Which state of Madhya Pradesh extra India touches the border of seven states?

Ans: Assam

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 In terms of area, which is the smallest state in India?

Ans: Goa

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