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Important General Knowledge Questions About Animals


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S E P T E M B E R,  2022

The bird which lays over 100 eggs in one nest is?

Ans: Ostrich

Image credit : Pexel

Which animal can create the loudest sound among any living creature on this planet?

Ans: Humpback Whales

Image credit : Pexel

Which bird's are migrates from the north pole to the south pole and back?

Ans: Arctic tern

Image credit : Pexel

Which animal eat only eucalyptus leaves and nothing else?

Ans: Koala

Image credit : Pexel

Which bird can turn head around to look backward?

Ans: Owl

Image credit : Pexel

A camel in drinking can use how much water in a single time?

Ans: Up to 100 ltr.

Image credit : Pexel

What is the maximum running speed of Crocodile in land area?

Ans: 17 KMPL

Image credit : Pexel

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