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Gk Questions on Birds with Answers For Students


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S E P T E M B E R,  2022

Which bird is the largest in the world?

Ans: The largest bird in the world is Ostrich.

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How many states have the Red Cardinal as their official bird in North America?

Ans: Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia and 3 more.

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What is the Temminck Tragopan bird also known as?

Ans: The Crimson Bellied Tragopan.

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Which country holds the majority of the population of the endangered bird, the Northern Bald Ibis?

Ans: Morocco.

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Which bird’s male counterpart has a red colored gular sac near its throat and chest area?

Ans: Frigatebird.

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Which is the largest flying parrot species in the world that leaves you in awe with its bright blue feathers?

Ans: Blue Macaw.

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Which bird of Africa has enlarged air sacs and a wingspan of 8.5 feet?

Ans: Marabou Stork.

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Which bird in South America has a large, strong and brightly colored beak?

Ans: Toco Toucan.

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