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MCQ Questions for class 10 Students – with Answers


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S E P T E M B E R,  2022

When was the State Bank of India founded?

Ans: July 1, 1955

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Where is Bandhavgarh & Panna National Park located?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

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A landform which mainly surrounded by water from three sides and connected to mainland from one side is called as what?

Ans: Peninsula.

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What is the Chemical formula of baking soda?

Ans: NaHCO3.

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The Earth’s core likely consists mainly of what?

Ans: Iron

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India’s first ‘Air taxi service’ was launched in which state?

Ans: Haryana state.

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Tehri Dam is the highest dam in India and is located on which river?

Ans: Bhagirathi River.

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Which lake is situated at the border of Peru – Bolivia?

Ans: Lake Titicaca

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Who was the first Indian Scientist to win a Nobel Prize?

Ans: C.V Raman

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