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GK Fun: 10 Most Amazing Things In The World


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S E P T E M B E R,  2022

In 1911, an earthquake was created by a massive limestone landslide through the Tien Shan Mountains. Kindi Lake It is a 400-meter-long lake.

Kaindy Lake


Every year during the flood, the animals and the horrible, really interesting side effects. Millions of spiders climbed the trees.

Ghost Trees

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Mount Sakurajima erupted in Japan, also from a study of the largest fire-fueled thunderstorm event on record.

Dirty Thunderstorm

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Cenotes Kin Ha is a cave cenote, an underground natural hole or sinkhole formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock.


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The Bolivian salt flats are found in South America with a thin layer of water sitting on top of the salt. Area 10,582 sq km.

Reflective xtb Flats in Bolivia


Pillars of light phenomena, where multi-colored pillar-like patterns hang in the sky, are created by the parallel reflections of light.

 Light Pillars Over Moscow


Glowing Beach Maldives Located on Middle Island, Alor Island is famous for its naturally sparkling and sparkling sea water.



The Wave is located in Arizona, USA, in the southwestern United States. It is located in the Utah Arizona border area.

The Wave


Nature's most beautiful eucalyptus tree, with its intense color and strong fragrance, is known as Eucalyptus long rainbow Eucalyptus.

Rainbow Eucalyptus


Blood Falls is an iron oxide scorched saltwater outflow. Antarctica in 1911 when geologists first discovered the frozen waterfall.

Blood Falls


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